Rosetta Stone Japanese Review

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Whether you’re looking to learn fluent Japanese, learn enough to comprehend your favorite anime, or simply want to impress your friends while ordering sushi, Rosetta Stone Japanese software is the perfect learning solution. More than just a great starting point, Rosetta Stone’s comprehensive courses provide a complete language comprehension learning program that can take you from a complete beginner to a Japanese master.

Rosetta Stone is known for their innovative and highly effective language learning software, and even though Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn, Rosetta Stone Japanese’s unique method can help uncover your true language learning potential. With intuitive lesson materials and appealing exercises, you can learn the language better than simply memorizing words. The key to Rosetta Stone’s approach isn’t rote memorization and translation, but “dynamic immersion”.

Rosetta Stone may be higher priced than the competition, but if you’re truly looking to learn Japanese, it’s the best way to go. Where Rosetta Stone really puts the competition to shame is in their intuitive approach. The whole process is extremely easy to use, and comes with everything you need (including Audio Companion CDs and microphone-headset.

You’ll learn the basics of Japanese through a mix of vocabulary images and voice clips from native Japanese speakers. But remember, this isn’t your traditional memorization approach, but an intuitive learning system that involves discovering words in context. The power of audio and visual reinforcement, combined with contextual references will help you initially learn and actually retain the language more efficiently.

Rosetta Stone Japanese also includes some very advanced features, including speech recognition. With the provided microphone headset, you can practice your speech to truly master the language. The software also includes resources to learn each of the three Japanese alphabets, hiragana, katakana and kanji. Furthermore, you will learn the difference between formal and informal Japanese, as well as how to communicate with both. Throughout your learning adventure, you can always track your progress, and move on when you’re ready.


Overall, the straightforward approach and effective features make Rosetta Stone Japanese an excellent all-in-one learning solution. Learning Japanese will take time and practice, but Rosetta Stone proves that it doesn’t have to be overly difficult (not to mention boring). For a more complete review of Rosetta Stone Japanese, read our review of this Learn Japanese software package.